Tennessee lawmakers voice opposition to delaying the election

Tennessee lawmakers voice opposition to delaying the election

Only an act of Congress can change the date, established in 1845, and there is no chance it will do so now.

Reeves encouraged Trump to embrace a reelection message focused on his ability to revive the nation's economy, a familiar suggestion from frustrated Republican officials, though the president has shown little interest in adopting a consistent message. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana lends credence to that.

GOP officials from New Hampshire to MS to Iowa quickly pushed back against Trump's suggestion that it might be necessary to delay the November election- which he can not do without congressional approval- because of the unfounded threat of voter fraud.

But, he still came to the same conclusion - Sen.

An Express.co.uk poll found 53 percent (583 people) agreed the U.S. election should be delayed as a result of the pandemic.

So far, he doesn't seem to have much support, even within his party - but again, even if they did back him. the Constitution does not. "No way should we ever not hold our election on the day that we have it", McCarthy told CNN.

Just weeks ago, Trump refused to say whether he would accept the results of the upcoming November election.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Georgia NBC station WNKY: "Never in the history of the country, through wars, depressions and the Civil War, have we ever not had a federally scheduled election on time".

"I think we've had elections every November since about 1788, and I expect that will be the case again this year".

"But I also don't want to have to wait for three months and then find out that the ballots are all missing and the election doesn't mean anything".

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Federalist Society co-founder Stephen Calabresi said that Trump's tweet suggesting postponing the election is "fascistic" and "grounds for the president's immediate impeachment".

In a similar vein, Trump said this at a White House briefing: "You know, so many years, I've been watching elections".

"That's what's going to happen".

Dr Smith was one of many experts who has slammed Mr Trump's claim that mail-in voting can lead to increased voter fraud.

The simple reality remains that Republicans up and down the ballot this fall need Trump's fervent base on their side to have any chance of winning. "But we will not be delaying the election".

According to the latest polling average by RealClearPolitics, the Democrat's Joe Biden leads Mr Trump by more than eight points nationally. The reason is that mail ballots take longer to process than in-person ballots, especially in states that have less mail voting infrastructure and are scaling up quickly to respond to the pandemic.

DeSantis reportedly pointed out to reporters that Florida does not have universal vote-by-mail, and that voters in his state must request a mail-in ballot.

FILE - A voter, left, places a ballot in a secure box as Providence City Clerk Shawn Selleck, right, looks on, Tuesday, June 2, 2020, in Providence, R.I. More American voters asked for mail ballots during the coronavirus outbreak.

Members of the House of Representatives are elected for two years and Pelosi, who is 80, is also standing for re-election in California's 12 district (San Francisco) on 3 November.

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