NY police drag trans protester Nikki Stone into unmarked van

NY police drag trans protester Nikki Stone into unmarked van

The police released a statement: "In regard to a video on social media that took place at 2 Ave & 25 St, a woman taken into custody in an unmarked van was wanted for damaging police cameras during 5 separate criminal incidents in & around City Hall Park".

Critics on social media raised concerns and conflated the situation with the detention of a person of interest in Portland this month by federal agents who used a minivan.

The department's statement also claimed that the "arresting officers were assaulted with rocks and bottles", however no rocks or bottles can be seen being thrown at the officers in the multiple short videos posted to social media.

After hours of speculation on a viral video showing the abduction of a woman during a demonstration in the New York City borough of Manhattan, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) confirmed late Tuesday evening that its officers were responsible for carrying off the woman in an unmarked Kia minivan. They grabbed Nicki like she was a rag doll. "We literally turned the corner and were met with a line of police who attacked us without warning".

"A lot of us have been watching in pain what's going on in Portland, Oregon", he said, as reported by the outlet. "It was like a kidnapping".

Videos of the encounter drew intense criticism on social media, including accusations that the NY police were adopting tactics similar to those used by federal agents during recent protests in Portland, Oregon, where some people were pulled into unmarked vans.

Footage showed protesters, some on skateboards and bicycles, skimming down the street before panning to Stone being roughly grappled by an officer.

"Get back, get back!" one bellowed, as he charged towards protesters on foot. Officers used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

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As I write this, in early July, just one of the three officers involved has been dismissed from the police force. It's what I miss most about her. "I still can't grasp the concept of her being gone", she reportedly said.

Acknowledging the video, the NYPD issued a statement Tuesday night explaining that Stone was picked up by a police warrant squad for allegedly damaging several surveillance cameras near City Hall, where activists camped out for a month before riot police forced them out last week.

After a controversial arrest, 18-year old Nikki Stone is free now, released on a desk appearance ticket.

The incident quickly drew unnerving parallels to the pinched scenes of Portland, where the sight of federal agents dressed in camouflage and tactical gear throwing blood-covered protesters into unmarked vans have sparked a new wave of protests.

As police practices come under intensifying scrutiny, the incident became a lightning rod for criticism from various lawmakers and city officials.

The American Civil Liberties Union tweeted that it appeared Stone was "abducted" off the street.

"This is not a drill".

The New York Police Department quickly responded to questions about the detention, which occurred during a protest in Manhattan, saying that no federal authorities were involved and that using unmarked vehicles for that type of operation was customary.

The US president has brandished a brute law-and-order approach to tamp down the civil turmoil, that many say has instead stoked tensions even higher. The 18-year-old was filmed while begin detained in NY at Second Avenue and 25th Street in Kips Bay.

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