New claims for unemployment in MA hover near 20,000 in latest week

New claims for unemployment in MA hover near 20,000 in latest week

Contrasting those first 10 weeks of pain to the latest 10-week period shows that the five weakest states have only seen average weekly initial unemployment claims fall by less than 43%.

All told, 17 million people are collecting traditional, state jobless benefits, a sign that unemployment checks are keeping many American families afloat financially at a time of big job losses and agonising economic uncertainty.

Laid-off workers in Spokane County filed 1,927 new unemployment claims the week ending July 25, a 3% decrease compared with 1,989 claims filed the week before, according to the employment security department.

"Either way, it will be lower than what was where the University of Chicago estimated that 68% of those receiving benefits were getting paid more than what they made before with the median payment 34% higher than their previous weekly paycheck", Boockvar said. Congress has been negotiating another relief package, but those talks hit an impasse Wednesday, according to The Washington Post. "We also experienced a notable change this week, as the additional $600 in federal benefits expired on July 25".

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Cain often spoke about growing up poor in Georgia , telling of how his father worked three jobs to buy a house for the family. He grew up in Atlanta and graduated from Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1967.

But 1.4 million Americans also filed new unemployment claims last week, the Department of Labor reported Thursday, the 19th week that number has topped 1 million.

Combined with second quarter gross domestic product data that was the worst on record, the latest jobless claims underscored the COVID-19 crisis' unrelenting effect on a us recovery that is spluttering, as new diagnoses throttle the economy. Before the pandemic pummeled economies around the world, the average U.S. GDP hovered at around 2%, but government-imposed lockdowns and stay-at-home orders led businesses to temporarily close their doors and curtailed production as well as consumer spending. New unemployment claims peaked at a state-record 272,188 during the week ending March 28.

A Trump voter, Adams has a message for Republican senators reluctant to spend more money on unemployment aid: "I know they want to be fiscal hawks, but swallow the bitter pill and help out the people who need this help". The agency said it has processed 94 percent of the more than 1 million jobless applications its received over that time.

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