NASA's Perseverance Rover Finally on Its Way to Mars

NASA's Perseverance Rover Finally on Its Way to Mars

If there are any weather-related issues or technical failures, the mission has until 15 August 2020 to launch this year.

The Mars 2020 rover carries 23 cameras capable of taking high-definition images, according to NASA, more than any other mission.

A couple of hours after the launch, NASA's ground controllers received a signal from Mars 2020.

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover onboard launches from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Thursday, July 30, 2020, from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Jettisoning the outer layers, firing the engines, and doing the entire sequence at specific periods and intervals are all crucial to push the rover on to its journey towards Mars. Here's its itinerary when it arrives. The rocket stands at 197 feet (60 meters) tall. During that time it will also collect rock and soil samples for a possible return to Earth.

The NASA Mars 2020 mission, including the rover Perseverance and test helicopter Ingenuity, departed Earth at 7:50 a.m. EDT, aboard a ULA Atlas V rocket.

The rover is equipped with a microscope and camera to check rocks for the patterns that microbial life would have left behind.

Engineering, is an astrobiologist who specialises in recognising the organic records of past life in rocks and will help the team select samples for eventual return to Earth. To calibrate its equipment, the rover is bringing along a Martian meteorite that landed in Oman, and was discovered in 1999, Mindy Weisberger reports for Live Science.

Mars 2020 will deliver the Perseverance rover in Jezero Crater, landing on February 18, 2021. "We have started our cruise phase, and for the next seven months, we'll make sure the rover is healthy and happy, and we'll tweak its trajectory to make sure it's on the right path to Mars". Then another spacecraft will capture the orbiting samples and bring them home.

Mars doesn't offer any amenities to its Earthly visitors, so Perseverance has to pack anything it might need. However, telemetry (more detailed spacecraft data) had not yet been acquired at that point.

This is also backed by an evidence of 20 km wide liquid water body on Mars, though there is no evidence of life in this lake.

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"It really is like the Wright brothers' moment", said project manager MiMi Aung. It has seven instruments and hitchhiking helicopter that will be the first object to fly on another world.

Aboard Perseverance is a 1.8kg autonomous helicopter named Ingenuity that is due to test powered flight on Mars for the first time.

Aung tells the Times that Ingenuity's technology could be scaled up to a 30 pound aircraft instead of just four.

Just like Perseverance is building on past rovers' research, future missions will rely on Perseverance's hard work.

Here's what else to know about mission "Mars 2020".

One such experiment is MOXIE.

The launch took place after the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California - where its mission engineers were located - was rattled by an natural disaster. The five swatches-Nomex, Gore-tex, Kevlar, Vectran and Teflon-are nestled next to a piece of helmet visor and the Martian meteorite that SHERLOC will use to calibrate its sensors.

Perseverance is the fifth Mars rover sent by NASA to Mars, after Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity.

It can not yet be said that the launch has been successful.

After the launch, NASA tweeted, "Signal confirmed!"

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