Madison County School District gives update on back-to-school plan

Madison County School District gives update on back-to-school plan

When school starts on September 8, 2020 across British Columbia, most students in grades K-12 will be taking part in full-time in-class learning.

Limited Student Supervision at School Supervision at school for families who can not be home during daytime virtual learning hours. "They love their students, but they love their own families and want to return safely to them".

Education Minister Rob Fleming says there will be up to 60 people in elementary-aged learning groups, and up to 120 in secondary-aged groups.

Medical masks will be provided for teachers and other school staff, it said.

Last week, B.C. Premier John Horgan said parents should prepare for a full return to classrooms this fall, but also have a backup plan in case the COVID-19 pandemic forces further closures.

On Fridays, there will be "asynchronous learning", and teachers will use this time to follow-up with students who require assistance; students who have been absent or are missing assignments; follow-up with families when students are failing to participate in class; and schedule time for students to come in to complete labs, complete an assessment, or other activities.

As the Camden district laid out its preemptive plans, the Philadelphia School District across the river says it plans to begin its school year completely online.

"This is not the remote learning we did previously", Heid said.

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"We know how important it is for children to be back in school - to both support their emotional and mental health and their ability to socialize and to learn", Dr. Henry said.

"How can we even consider bringing our children and staff back to school with the virus raging like it is?" she said. "We will also provide the opportunity to change the learning method".

"In order for folks to conceptualize this, we really have to erase everything from the chalk board and start again", Stephanie Higginson, president, B.C. School Trustees Association, said during the news conference.

McCombs, a mother herself, said the state of New Jersey does not now allow for remote learning for the entire school year. The plan, posted on the district's website, details a combination of in-person, hybrid, and remote learning.

Finn said participating in the summer school was beneficial for students who may have fallen behind after classrooms across Ontario closed in March. "Some kids will have a teacher in the room with them at a school and some kids will have a teacher on a screen via technology".

Now, the school year, starting August 17, will remain remote for all students through the end of the district's first quarter, which ends October 9. "We've put a lot of thoughtful work and consideration into reopening schools this fall and in making sure we're supporting children in ways that keep them, the people who teach them, and our communities safe", said Dr. Henry.

"Once we receive that direction will have more information to share with students and families but right now we're waiting for direction".

Younger students will not need to wear masks.

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