Are China and the USA headed for a new Cold War?

Are China and the USA headed for a new Cold War?

Sen. Bob Menendez grilled Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on whether he's discussed reports of Russian bounties on American troops with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"All 10 ASEAN nations have insisted that the South China Sea disputes must be settled on basis of worldwide law, including UNCLOS", he said.

The talks focused heavily on China, with both countries condemning Beijing's crackdown on Hong Kong and vowing to work together to counter state-sponsored disinformation campaigns.

The State Department head also justified the closure of a Chinese consulate in Houston - a move that further soured the relations between the two nations and prompted a mirror response from Beijing - by bluntly calling the diplomatic compound a "den of spies".

Numerous critics, including some former Trump administration officials, have said Trump's self-acknowledged personal affinity for Putin has undercut USA efforts to both counter Russian aggression and enlist allies to join its cause.

"As my prime minister put it recently, the relationship that we have with China is important and we have no intention of injuring it, but nor do we intend to do things that are contrary to our interests".

The United States opposes the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would run under the Baltic Sea and double Russia's direct natural gas exports to Germany while bypassing Ukraine. "We stand with our Australian friends", Pompeo said at the conference.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told lawmakers that the United States intends to impose sanctions on firms that continue to help Russian Federation build a natural-gas pipeline to Europe as he sought to dispel concerns about Washington's commitment to halt the controversial project.

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Australia and the USA also signed a new "statement of principles" to "advance force-posture co-operation" in the Indo-Pacific region, but details have been kept classified.

He also openly stated that Washington wants the Chinese Communist Party to "participate on the global stage in the way that we demand every country does".

"Last week, five Australian warships joined the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike group and a Japanese destroyer in conducting a trilateral naval exercise", US Defense Secretary Esper also noted. The EU condemned the law too, and also declared China a "systemic rival" previous year.

"The Chinese thought they had a fast-track to that", Pompeo said. Australia was ahead of us in awakening to the threat of untrusted vendors like Huawei and ZTE.

Despite Australia's reliance on trade with China, Prime Minister Scott Morrison's right-leaning government has largely backed the United States. Beijing forced the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu to shut down in retaliation. Second, tensions between the world's most powerful nation and its rising rival may not be much better if Joe Biden is the next president.

"I'm not sure whether it will happen this time because I feel it's quite different", Lee told the Atlantic Council in Washington.

"Secretary-General Stoltenberg has called for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to make China a greater part of the alliance's focus", he said.

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