Trump Vows to 'Respond Appropriately' If Russian Bounty Allegations Proven True

Trump Vows to 'Respond Appropriately' If Russian Bounty Allegations Proven True

President Donald Trump speaks with reporters as he walks to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, Wednesday, July 29, 2020, in Washington.

"No, that was a phone call to discuss other things", Mr. Trump told "Axios on HBO" in an interview Tuesday, adding "I have never discussed it with him".

Mary Trump said she can only speculate about what the president is trying to gain something from Putin.

But you know that Russian Federation has been supplying weapons and money to the Taliban because the man who ran your forces in Afghanistan, John Nicholson, under your administration, said this on the record when he worked for you, and for him to say then, well, I didn't - I don't know if I've heard about this, never reached my desk, and by the way, we gave them weapons, too.

POTUS has faced a harsh wave of criticism from his opponents over his lack of a reaction to unconfirmed reports in the media about alleged bounties that the Kremlin purportedly paid to the Taliban for the killing of American troops in Afghanistan.

"Mr. Trump reiterated to Axios that the intelligence "never reached my desk" because of questions about its veracity and said if it had", I would've done something about it".

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The New York Times originally reported that Russian Federation had been offering bounties to the Taliban for killing American troops. He has called the reports a hoax and frequently casts doubt on them.

"The idea that somehow he didn't know or isn't being briefed, it is a dereliction of duty", Biden said.

Democrats in Congress have accused Trump of not taking intelligence information concerning soldiers' deaths seriously enough. They also said that the intelligence had not made its way to the president's desk.

National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien has said Trump was not verbally briefed on the intelligence because his CIA briefer concluded the reports were uncorroborated.

White House officials have struggled to explain the Trump administration's response to the bounty reports, but have not commented on their substance.

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