Students Discover Asteroid Changing Direction And Moving Toward Earth

Students Discover Asteroid Changing Direction And Moving Toward Earth

Asteroids and space comets pose a serious threat to Earth, due to massive shock they bring upon to our planet which in previous epochs in the evolutionary history of humankind and before, has evidently led to mass extinctions.

Radhika Lakhani and Vaidehi Vekariya, equally researching in 10th grade, had been working on a school project when they found out the asteroid, which they named HLV2514. During the AIASC Phase-1 2020, the duo discovered the asteroid known as HLV2514.

While neither SPACE India nor IASC has detailed the size or chemistry of this space rock, they both have suggested it will eventually become an Earth-crossing asteroid.

Speaking to ANI, Vaidehi Vekariya Sanjaybhai said, "We discovered this object as a part of All India Asteroid Search Campaign".

The girls, from the city of Surat in western India's Gujarat state, were participating in a Space India and NASA project, which allows students to analyze images taken by a telescope located at the University of Hawaii.

The girls were able to identify the object by being on the lookout for moving objects in the images.

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"We begun the undertaking in June and we despatched back again our analysis a couple months in the past to NASA".

"Asteroids are taken extremely significantly by NASA".

Aakash Dwivedi, an astronomer and senior educator at Space India, explained that the asteroid that the students identified is now orbiting close to Mars.

Specifically, in about one million years' time, the body's orbit is expected to cross that of Earth, bringing the two in close proximity.

"I look forward to. when we will get a chance to name the asteroid", said Vaidehi Vekariya, while going on to add that she wants to become an astronaut when she is old enough.

The discovery of near-Earth objects like these is critical to flagging select potentially hazardous space objects, which may pass closely by Earth and change their orbit over hundreds of years to even hit our planet.

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