McDonald's to require masks at all US restaurant locations

McDonald's to require masks at all US restaurant locations

The fast-food giant will require customers to wear face coverings, starting August 1. But just an interesting take from, obviously, McDonald's, you know, just a major chain there now saying that customers coming in through their restaurants must now wear masks. Now, if a customer walks into McDonald's and definitely does not want to wear a mask, what McDonald's is telling workers to do is to take care of that customer in an expedient way, so very quickly so it doesn't escalate, and also protecting other customers inside who are wearing their masks.

Noting that the most recent guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommends face coverings to prevent the spread of the virus, the two said the company and its franchisees will ask customers to wear face coverings starting a week from Saturday.

"While almost 82% of our restaurants are in states or localities that require facial coverings for both crew and customers today, it's important we protect the safety of all employees and customers", Erlinger and Salebra said in a statement about the plan. The chain now allows people to enter the restaurants to order food, but they are not allowed to eat there.

Anyone who comes into a restaurant without a mask will be offered one, a McDonald's representative told NPR via email.

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For instance, you don't have to wear a mask in cinemas, gyms and hairdressers but you do in coffee shops and takeaways. People have to cover their faces while shopping or visiting the courts, pubs, post offices or other social places.

Messrs. Erlinger and Salebra said that McDonald's staff will be trained on how to deal with customers who may refuse to wear a mask. Here, a customer wears a mask after picking up an order at the oldest operating McDonald's Corp. restaurant, in Downey, Calif., in April.

It's also anticipating that some customers might not like the new rule.

McDonald's also said Friday that it won't reopen any more USA dining rooms for limited indoor service for another month.

1 fast food chain in terms of assets would pause its re-opening of in-dine restaurants in the United States for another 30 days. One million infections were diagnosed in just over two weeks, according to US media.

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