Trump says top senator will not allow removal of Confederate base names

Trump says top senator will not allow removal of Confederate base names

On Thursday, the Labor Department reported that another 1.4 million people filed initial unemployment claims last week.

Mnuchin insisted in an interview with CNBC that the administration believed the "payroll tax cut is a very good pro-growth policy", even though it overwhelmingly benefits the richest 20% of earners while cutting funding for the Social Security and Medicare trust funds. It would be great for workers.

The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a defense appropriations bill that calls for renaming USA military bases that honor Confederate officers - a provision that President Trump has threatened to veto.

President Donald Trump won't see a payroll tax cut - something he has been pushing for - in the Senate GOP's new trillion-dollar COVID-19 pandemic relief package. But Mnuchin and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows declined to commit to the public release of the plan Thursday.

The rocky developments coincide with a higher-profile role by Meadows, a former tea party lawmaker from North Carolina with a thin legislative resume.

The retreat comes as Trump has pivoted in other areas, bringing back his coronavirus briefings after a months-long hiatus, urging people to wear masks while carrying one himself, and acknowledging things will "get worse" before they get better in the fight against the coronavirus.

Not all Republicans agree with the cut in unemployment benefits. Democrats immediately panned that idea, saying it would strand other important elements such as aid to state and local governments.

Zion Williamson still without timetable for return to Orlando
Williamson said he was thankful for the love and respect for his family upon returning , and said he was eager to rejoin his team. Williamson reportedly tested negative on both occasions and is now in isolation for his mandatory quarantine.

"What we have seen so far falls very short of the challenge that we face in order to defeat the virus, and in order to open our schools and open our economy", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said on Thursday. Schumer (D-NY) said. "They can't come together". Balky and ancient state unemployment systems can't be adjusted in time to immediately implement a new compromise.

Democrats said they remained committed to the plan, noting it is also supported by many Republicans. "Republicans rejected that plan outright".

Republicans propose giving $105 billion to help schools reopen and $15 billion for child care centers to create safe environments for youngsters during the pandemic.

"Seriously? Leader McConnell has made corporate immunity the centerpiece of the Republican response?"

Most importantly, the new proposal includes another round of $1,200 payments to most American adults. Republicans say extending it in full would be a disincentive to work. Trump also should listen to uniformed and civilian military leaders "who know that racism has no place in the ranks", Reed said. John Barrasso of Wyoming.

Indiana Republican Sen. Mike Braun said that someone asked the Republican leader during a closed-door lunch about the stimulus bill and McConnell's message was that it was a "work in progress".

Senate Republicans and the White House agreed on Wednesday to include $16 billion for coronavirus testing after the White House had initially opposed any new money for testing. There will also be $26 billion for vaccines and $15 billion for research programs at the National Institutes of Health. In McConnell's package, the money for K-12 would be split between those that have in-person learning and those that don't. Chuck Grassley, the Senate finance chair, said on Monday a stimulus check would generate a bigger economic boost than a payroll tax cut, since direct payments give people a sum of money up front instead of a wage bump that's distributed across paychecks over time. "If the school is closed, the money should follow the student", he said. McConnell is set to unveil the package on Thursday, according to a Republican unauthorized to discuss the private talks and granted anonymity. They want the $600 in extra cash to stay in place.

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