Tom Cruise Working With NASA to Shoot Action Film in Space

Tom Cruise has a penchant for action movies and it's looking like he may be signing up for an even bigger adventure.

According to Deadline, Cruise will use Elon Musk's Space X to get himself there and the movie will be the first narrative piece made in conjunction with NASA.

The project is not thought to be one of Cruise's Mission: Impossible films which sees him performing his own stunts which are not often without injury.

NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, confirmed the talks were involving the USA space agency with a tweet he posted on May 6th, pointing out that popular media would be useful to inspire the next generation of NASA engineers and scientists. As TechCrunch explained, it's not just about Bridenstine's aim to "inspire a new generation of scientists".

Russian Federation is the only country with the ability to fly humans to and from the space station, but SpaceX and Boeing have been working for years to develop spacecraft capable of returning that capability to the United States.

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In a separate statement, the State Department said it stood by Johnson, "who has led Mission U.K. honorably and professionally". The Office of Inspector General reports are generally reviewed by the State Department before being finalized and released.

The International Space Station may not be the ideal place for shooting movies, as it was initially destined for completely different activities: experiments in astronomy, meteorology, biology, physics, as well as for other fields.

Astronauts have not launched into orbit from the United States since NASA's space shuttle program was retired in 2011. Notably, SpaceX has plans to allow commercial space flight aboard its Crew Dragon capsule as early as 2021.

Bridenstine's statement is the first official confirmation of the project, and NASA has yet to release any additional information. He flew fighter jets for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, hung off the side of a plane as it took off in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation in 2015 and famously climbed Dubai's Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world - for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

There are no plans for the project to be a Mission Impossible film but let's be honest, a movie in space is a natural progression for TC.

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