Watch a 10-Year Time Lapse of Sun From NASA's SDO

Watch a 10-Year Time Lapse of Sun From NASA's SDO

The timelapse video NASA just discharged is totally unimaginable.

This composite image is made from 151 individual SDO frames. The Sun has been under the watch of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) for over a decade.

Equipped with a trio of sensitive instruments, the SDO's brilliant ten-year time lapse short spotlights photos taken at a wavelength of 17.1 nanometers, which is an extreme ultraviolet wavelength that unveils the Sun's outermost atmospheric layer, the shimmering corona.

The US area company NASA has launched a time-lapse video recording the 10-year motion of the Sun.

In the shared film by NASA, the time-lapse of the Sun showed the movement of the Sun while experiencing changes in the solar movement.

Till the end of the decade, SDO had utilised total of 20 million GB of space to capture 435 million high resolution images of the Sun, NASA reports. The sun's quiescence wasn't a surprise; every 11 years or so, the sun's magnetic poles suddenly switch places; North becomes South, solar magnetic activity begins to wane, and the sun's surface starts to look like a tranquil sea of yellow fire. The video might also offer other insights about the closest star and its influence over the solar system. The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) instrument alone captures images every 12 seconds at 10 different wavelengths of light. According to NASA, the Sun's magnetic field goes through a cycle, called the solar cycle.

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The video named "A Decade of the Sun" has captured all the images of the Sun every 0.75 seconds and compressed a decade of Sun into 61 minutes.

While SDO has stored an unblinking eye pointed toward the solar, there have been a handful of times it skipped.

The video shows an entire decade of activity on the Sun in the span of a single episode of, well, name your favorite television series.

While an instrument failure resulted in a longer blackout in 2016.

The music in the video has been composed by German musician Lars Leonhard.

The Sun also appears off-centre in a few images as the SDO was calibrating its instruments at the time.

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