MS votes to drop the Confederate emblem from its state flag

MS votes to drop the Confederate emblem from its state flag

Democratic Sen. David Jordan, who is African American, has pushed for decades to change the flag. "With God's help, we can", Reeves wrote on Facebook.

MS state voters will cast their ballot to choose a new state design in November.

The Magnolia State is about to abandon its 126-year-old flag, which prominently features the Confederate battle flag, under the latest wave of public pressure.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said via Twitter on Saturday that the argument over the 1894 state flag "has become as divisive as the flag itself". He previously said he would not veto one - a more passive stance. "If they send me a bill this weekend, I will sign it".

"Some of you when you come in here don't notice that flag up in the corner", said Democratic Rep. Ed Blackmon, D-Canton.

Politicians in the U.S. state of MS have taken a major step towards removing the Confederate emblem from the state flag.

If the bill passes, a commission will design a new flag, to be be voted on in November.

Four days earlier, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey had announced plans to pull any championship events from the state if the flag wasn't changed. Should voters reject that design, the commission would present a new option during the 2021 legislative session, according to the resolution.

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"I know there are many good people who. believe that this flag is a symbol of our Southern pride and heritage", said Mr White.

"But for most people throughout our nation and the world, they see that flag and think that it stands for hatred and oppression".

"The battle for a better MS does not end with the removal of the flag, and we should work in concert to make other positive changes in the interest of all of our people", said Winter, a Democrat who was governor from 1980 until 1984.

I don't know McDaniel, much less whether he's racist or a bad human being. He said his children and now his grandchildren have had questions about what it represents and called for a flag that would stir pride in all of the state's residents - almost 40 percent of whom are black. In 2001, voters in the state had just that chance, but they ultimately voted to keep the flag as it was designed.

"I meant that", senior running back Kylin Hill, who is African-American, added.

"This is an opportunity for us to find a flag that's unifying for all Mississippians, and that's what we're going to do", House Speaker, Philip Gunn, a Republican, told cheering legislators, the Clarion Ledger newspaper reported.

As a groundswell of support grew, they were soon joined by state associations of real estate agents, bankers, educators and manufacturers.

Athletic directors and coaches from MS universities have also urged lawmakers to act.

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