EU to bar US travellers as bloc reopens in July

EU to bar US travellers as bloc reopens in July

The New York Times has reported that Europe will allow outsiders to begin entering again on July 1, but notes that the USA and Russian Federation are among the nations considered too risky because they have not controlled the coronavirus outbreak.

In March, when cases were rising in Europe, US President Donald Trump had banned most European Union citizens from entering the United States in a bid to curb the outbreak there, angering European Union officials.

The EU Commission spokesman, Eric Mamer, said the union had the right to choose who would enter its borders.

Infection rates are high in Brazil, India and Russian Federation, and it's unlikely the European Union will let their citizens in, either.

A country should possess a rate of new cases of COVID-19 close to or below 16 per 1,00,000 inhabitants (average in the EU) over the last 14 days.

The number of cases in the United States has surged over the past week, with an all-time high of 45,300 confirmed new daily infections just reached. Around 10 million Europeans are thought to cross the Atlantic for vacations and business each year.

The European Union is set to reopen its external borders to citizens of 14 countries on 1 July, according to a report published by French newspaper of record Le Monde, with the U.S. and Russian Federation unlikely to make the cut.

Covid-19 vaccine in a year: World Health Organization chief
Brazil has so far reported over 55,000 deaths from the novel coronavirus and more than 1.2 million cases. AstraZeneca has the largest global commitment and was the leading candidate in terms of timing.

Once that happens, restrictions on non-essential travel to Europe, which were imposed in March to halt new virus cases from entering, would gradually be lifted.

"We'll work closely with our European friends, broadly, because I know there's different views", said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday.

"We've denied travel to Europe and vice versa".

But Pompeo said it's important for everyone to help "get our global economy back going again".

"We want an agreement and to avoid health risks".

Bangladesh citizens are highly unlikely to be allowed to enter the European Union area from outside as the regional group is set to reopen external borders on July 1 for citizens of 54 countries, a list that excludes Bangladesh.

Greece, however, has already reopened airports to travelers from several countries beyond Europe, including China and South Korea, and capitals will eventually make their own decisions.

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