Steam Points are Valve's new loyalty reward system - here's how they work

Steam Points are Valve's new loyalty reward system - here's how they work

From massive deals that consoles publishers frankly aren't inclined to match to a massive repository of titles that you frankly won't live long enough to explore, Valve's Steam platform is consistently one of the standing reasons to experience the wondrous world of PC gaming. All these EA video games simply got here again to Steam as nicely, so may I like to recommend selecting up Titanfall 2? The points can even be spent on items from the games that are already in your possessions and whatever you redeem them for is for keeps. Meanwhile, instead of a limited-time event, Valve has introduced a brand new Point Shop system that's now a permanent addition to the Steam store. Any purchase you make, including DLC content, apps, soundtracks, and even hardware will gain you points.

Sure, the Steam Summer season Sale kicks off Thursday, and runs by July 9 at 10AM Pacific. Either way, there are some seriously good deals to be had, and it's well worth having a look to see if there's anything you like. There are lines of rewards associated with popular games, ranging from emotional platformer Gris to demon-slaying FPS Doom Eternal.

The Steam Summer Sale will be ongoing until 1AM of 10 July 2020. "Rewards" is a bit sturdy of a time period perhaps, given it is all profile backgrounds and chat results and the like, however hey, it is a "memento" of the sale, as Valve places it. This year, unlike before, the novel feature is Points Shop. Once purchased, they can not be traded or marketed. This is unlike other in-game items and trading cards that usually allow you to trade or sell items that you have acquired in the game.

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Read on for our picks of the best Steam Summer Sale 2020 deals so far.

Steam Summer Sale Discount: 70%.

Steam Summer Sale Discount: 65%.

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