No new cases of COVID-19 for fourth day in a row

No new cases of COVID-19 for fourth day in a row

The Vernon County Health Department did not release a Covid-19 update today.

For the second straight day, San Diego County has recorded over 400 new COVID-19 cases, health officials announced Saturday.

There was a 3.8 percent increase of recoveries from COVID-19.

A total of 2,986 county residents have recovered from the illness, the DCHD stated.

Globally, almost 9.7 million people have been diagnosed at one point with COVID-19 and 491,744 people have died from it. Of the 362 ventilators available in area hospitals, 125 were in use, including 22 for confirmed COVID-19 patients.

Some 392 (57 per cent) of all confirmed cases are females, and 294 (43 per cent) are males.

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The daily tally is a continuation of an upward trend in cases in Lewis County and beyond.

Of the new cases, two of the people are in their 50s, one is in their 40s, one is in their 30s and one is a child under 10.

- Bracken County, there are 15 confirmed cases.

There are now 137 (19.9 per cent) active cases under observation, with no critically or moderately ill patient numbered among them.

Overall Iowa's cases have increased by 9 percent as the state has nearly completely opened back up. Marshall County has had eight confirmed cases. In front are Polk with 5,682; Woodbury, 3,095; Black Hawk, 1,941; Buena Vista, 1,678; Linn, 1,136; and Dallas with 1,097.

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