Huawei to build US$1.2b research facility in England

Huawei to build US$1.2b research facility in England

Huawei's future in the in question after the USA ratcheted up pressure on its allies to break ties with the Shenzhen-based supplier and imposed sanctions that may threaten its silicon supply.

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Last month the National Cyber Security Centre, a branch of the Government Communications Headquarters, launched an investigation into the resilience of its own equipment.

The White House is mulling a new approach to challenging the global positions of China's Huawei in the telecommunications market by incentivising U.S. companies, such as Cisco, to buy European telecom companies and using them to strengthen their positions as producers of equipment for service providers and mobile operators, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The Financial Times first reported that a local council approved the plan (PDF) nine to one despite lobbying from US officials against the plant over security concerns.

US officials have said the development project is part of an effort by China to expand its influence in the West.

Huawei did not respond to Fierce request for comment.

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British officials are in the process of reviewing how to best mitigate any security risks posed by Huawei in light of new USA sanctions announced in May, which aim to cut off the firm's supply of the advanced microchips needed to make its equipment.

The new center is planned by Huawei for researching and developing chips to be used in Britain's 5G broadband network.

The firm has been criticised by the United States government for alleged links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, reported Thursday that USA officials and policy makers have discussed ways the federal government can back the private sector in order to compete against Huawei globally.

The company has been operating in the British market for about two decades.

Huawei began working on the project in 2017, he said, and acquired the 500-acre development site near Cambridge, around 70km (43 miles) north of London, in 2018. Through close collaboration with research institutes, universities, and local industry, we want to advance optical communications technology for the industry as a whole, while doing our part to support the UK's broader Industrial Strategy.

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