Google Pixel 4a Passes Through FCC; Inches a Step Closer to Launch

Google Pixel 4a Passes Through FCC; Inches a Step Closer to Launch

For the last couple of months, we've been hearing a lot about the Google Pixel 4a smartphone thanks to numerous reports and leaks.

Oh, but I lied, we can glean one other thing from the FCC filings: this cell phone nearly absolutely won't have Google's tiny Soli radar sensor chip for "Motion Sense" gesture controls and a lot quicker experience unlocks. However, the smartphone has made an appearance on FCC listing, which indicates that the launch date is nearing.

The much-awaited Pixel 4a has now surfaced on the FCC listing for the certification.

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Earlier this week, we had reported that French retailer Ordimedia has listed the handset on its website with a July 7 launch date. To keep the design clean and minimal, Google is planning to opt for an e-label which means we should not see any markings on the back. Moreover, the certification also discloses the lists of bands that the smartphones will support.

Other previous leaks on the Pixel 4A have already shown the possible technical specifications: Snapdragon 730 processor, 6GB of RAM, 5.81 "display and 12.2MP rear camera". But at least it seems like the Pixel 4a is still coming, and coming soon, as the device likely passed through the FCC this week.

The device will be powered with a 3800mAh battery and will support an 18W fast charging via USB Type-C. The last of the three models will likely be for the US. Current plan for announcement: July 13. Available now at EEGoogle's Pixel 3a is one of the best phones you could find in terms of bang for your buck. The report further claims that the Black variant of the device will not launch until October 22 while the Barely Blue option will no longer exist.

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