U.S. government coronavirus task force addresses surging COVID-19 cases

U.S. government coronavirus task force addresses surging COVID-19 cases

"We're seeing America go back to work, and in much of the country we're seeing jobs expanding, economic activity expanding", Pence said. Multiple states were dealing with record numbers of coronavirus hospitalizations.

Trump's unwillingness to use his bully pulpit to convince more Americans to help slow the spread of the virus comes at a precarious time for the country.

Experts have noted that flattening the curve was just an immediate necessity to prevent health systems from getting overwhelmed.

The consultation will not be held at the White House, but at the Department of Health and Human Services, according to a schedule published by the White House. "The reality is we're in a much better place", Pence said.

Tapper said the White House is minimizing the "looming disaster" in a number of states seeing spikes in cases, telling viewers, "The president and vice president continue to feed the American people lies about the state of this pandemic and their administration's failures to rise to the moment".

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, urged young Americans who have recently tested positive for the virus to follow safety guidelines and "be part of the solution" not "part of the problem".

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A number of the hardest-hit states, including Texas, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas, have Republican governors who have resisted mask-wearing requirements and largely echoed President Donald Trump's desire to quickly reopen the economy.

He encouraged Americans to "take comfort in the fact that fatalities are declining".

Friday's news conference will cap off a month that included a relaunched travel schedule for the president, as well as a rise in cases of COVID-19 - the disease caused by the coronavirus - in at least 20 states. Texas announced a "pause" to its reopening this week, with additional closures implemented on Friday.

The task force reported that a majority of new cases have been reported in people younger than 34 - a development that Pence called "encouraging" in some ways because young people are more likely to recover from the virus.

Amid the surge, the White House coronavirus task force, led by Vice President Pence, held its first briefing in almost two months, signaling a recognition that the administration's can't ignore the alarming increases.

While a handful of states require people to wear masks in public, many others have not issued any guidance. Authorities in Connecticut, New Jersey and NY are demanding travelers from states where cases are spiking to self quarantine for two weeks. Younger people may think they don't have to worry about Covid-19, but some of them will experience serious complications if infected, and they can pass the virus on to others who are vulnerable to more severe cases, they said. Various states and thousands of out-of-state health care workers helped NY when it was in the throes of the deadliest outbreak in the nation this spring. The move came as the number of patients at Texas hospitals statewide more than doubled in two weeks.

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