Google to pay some publishers for news content

Google to pay some publishers for news content

Google is prepping a "new news experience" to launch later in 2020 - for which the internet giant will finally directly compensate some publishers of "high-quality content" under a new licensing program.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is in the process of setting up a mandatory code of conduct, under which Google and Facebook could be forced to pay for news content.

With the new licensing programme, where available, Google will also offer to pay for free access for users to read paywalled articles on a publisher's site. The firm says it has already made partnerships with local and national publications in Germany, Australia [,] and Brazil, and is working towards many more around the globe. He stated that. "This program will help participating publishers monetize their content through an enhanced storytelling experience,".

The announcement comes just days before a major review in the United Kingdom by the competition watchdog on Google and Facebook's impact on the digital advertising space.

Following suggestions that online platforms should be forced to pay publishers in Australia AU$600 million or more every year, Google said earlier this month that the direct economic value it gets from News content in Search is "very small".

Google to pay some publishers in Australia, Brazil and Germany for content

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai revealed the tech giant's apparent backflip on the issue in a tweet, announcing the U.S. firm would introduce a "licencing program to pay publishers for high-quality content".

In 2018, Google launched the Google News Initiative with a $300 million commitment.

The initiative comes amid mounting regulatory scrutiny of how tech firms use content created by media outlets.

The Google move comes after Facebook said past year it would create a "news tab" in partnership with media groups to promote journalism and stem the flow of misinformation.

Some governments, including those in Australia and the European Union, have been taking steps to address the challenges their news and publishing industries face through competition and copyright laws. A News Media Alliance report says that Google accounts for 90% of search and almost 70% of the online ad tech market. The company said in October it would start paying publishers appearing in a News section on the social network. Some of the recent closures are due to the pandemic, but over the long term, Facebook and Google in particular have been taking ad revenue that used to go to local daily and weekly news services.

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