Tesla Bottoms Popular JD Power Vehicles Quality Survey, Shares Down Over 4%

Tesla Bottoms Popular JD Power Vehicles Quality Survey, Shares Down Over 4%

Among other surprises highlighted by the 2020 IQS, the little Chevrolet Sonic hatchback was the industry's highest-ranked vehicle, with a score of just 103 problems per 100.

However, Dodge's aging lineup could be one of its greatest assets as J.D. Power noted "new-vehicle quality [is] mainly dependent on trouble-free technology".

In any case, however, the surveyed Tesla owners apparently had the most problems with their vehicles' more traditional quality issues, like build quality.

Chevrolet Sonic achieves the best score of any model in this year's study. The biggest owner complaints were about poor voice recognition systems or difficulty connecting vehicles to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay systems.

However, the survey results indicated Tesla is dealing with build quality problems most other automakers have solved.

For the first time in the 34-year study, Dodge scored an overall win for highest initial quality, with a PP100 score of 136.

Infotainment issues almost doubled the next complaint category of features, controls, and displays. As a result, owners reported more problems within the first 90 days of owning 2020 models, raising the industry average from a record low 93 problems per 100 vehicles last year to 166 problems this year. "W. Edwards Deming said, 'Quality is to fulfill the requirements of customers and satisfy them, ' and Japanese automakers excelled at this for quite some time", Sargent said.

2020 Subaru Outback Apple CarPlay
2020 Subaru Outback Apple CarPlay

The new 2020 G90 launched into the market in late 2019 and did not receive enough survey responses for J.D. Power to render a statistically valid score for it.

A J.D. Power spokesperson clarified to Business Insider in an emailed statement that in order for a brand to be included in the study and appear in the official study ranking, the agency has to be able to gather insight from the brand's owners in all 50 states.

American automakers made their strongest showing ever in an annual survey of vehicle quality, as once-dominant Japanese brands faded.

"Initial quality is critical to the overall new-vehicle ownership experience", Sargent said. Premium brands generally equip their vehicles with more complex technology, which can cause problems for some owners, according to J.D. Power. A quality study. Seriously. Chevrolet and Ram place third in a tie (each with 141 PP100).

Hyundai Motor Group models that rank highest in their respective segments are Genesis G70; Hyundai Tucson; Hyundai Veloster; Kia Forte; Kia Sedona; Kia Sorento; and Kia Soul.

The parent corporation receiving the most model-level awards is Hyundai (seven awards), followed by General Motors (six); BMW AG (three); Ford (three); Nissan (three); and Toyota (two). Jaguar, which had an average 190 PP100, had the top-ranked offering in the Small Premium SUV segment, its E-Pace, with a score of 159 PP100.

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