Cuomo COVID-19 update

Cuomo COVID-19 update

The mayor's latest prediction comes as the city has seen its three daily reopening indicators it has been tracking to determine when New York City can begin relaxing its coronavirus restrictions "stay consistently low".

The city has been keeping track of these indicators for almost five weeks, but has not included Staten Island's two private hospitals and private hospitals all across the city in its ICU indicator count.

"It does not have to be that increased activity means more cases", he said today during a press conference in New York City.

Once those metrics are reached different regions across the state can reopen their economics in four phases.

"If the number of deaths continues to decline the way it has, and they get their tracing online, those two regions are ready to enter phase 1", he said.

New York City's deep-rooted wealth and racial disparities have been shown in the pattern of the COVID-19 spread, as people in lower-income neighborhoods and communities of color are suffering the most, according to city and state data.

In order to get to phase one - which involves resuming construction, manufacturing and wholesale supply chains, as well as retail businesses with curbside pickup - city hospitals need to admit fewer than 200 patients per day.

Disney World in Florida reopens but just a little
A Sea World representative stated in today's conference with Vice President Mike Pence that the park hopes to reopen by late June. The Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force today heard Universal Orlando's plans to reopen its Florida theme parks .

Restaurants and other food establishments can not fully reopen to customers until Phase 3.

"If we keep doing the work we're all doing, 8.6 million people, if we do it right, if people stick to the plan, stick to the guidance, we will move to phase one in either the first or second week of June", he said.

"Those are the big standards and then we'll fill in a lot of blanks between now and then about how to do those things and how to approach them safely".

Cuomo says summer school in NY will be conducted remotely, citing the risks of returning children to the classroom.

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo has some undistinguished company.

Cuomo said the number of countries that have reported cases of a rare inflammatory syndrome impacting children and linked to COVID-19 had almost doubled in the past week to 13, while the number of states with cases increased by eight to 25.

"The day-to-day changes, the small up and downs, matter less", he said in explaining the new criteria for reopening. Cuomo asked. "They are wearing the mask".

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